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DefendLineII & GSM Module in action

Here is a demonstration of DefendLineII project working together with GSM/GPS Module.

DefendLineII. uCam-TTL JPEG Serial Camera Integration

It is a known fact that C328 JPEG Serial Camera has been discontinued and not available on the market anymore. But there is a replacement called uCam-TTL Serial JPEG Camera module which is currently being produced and sold by Australian company called 4D Systems. The camera has the same QV7640 image sensor, serial interface and […]

DefendLineII. C328 JPEG Colour Camera Integration

DefendLineII has a native support of JPEG Colour Camera (C328 compatible). Such type of camera is capable of delivering VGA quality still pictures, it is equipped with hardware JPEG compressor and serial interface making integration with embedded devices quick and easy. This camera requires two wires (RX and TX) for serial communication, ground and positive […]

DefendLineII. Terminal commands

A great deal of DefendLineII configuring might be done over a terminal. To use this option the board must be connected to PC via USB cable and serial selector JP1 must have pins 1 and 2 connected together. As a terminal program standard Windows HyperTerminal can be used but it is not very convenient tool, […]

DefendLineII. Building firmware

Building firmware is pretty much similar to building bootloader described in the previous article. Assuming that you have WinAVR and SVN already installed, your DefendLineII PCB has bootloader flashed and avrdude can communicate with the board so you are ready for the procedure.

Download source code for DefendLineII project if you have not done […]

DefendLineII. Flashing bootloader

A bootloader is a compact executable code often flashed in upper program memory area implementing basic transfer protocol and facilitating self-programming function, making possible firmware updates without need to have an external programmer. In most cases bootloaders simulate basic programmers to take advantage of already existing software support without invention of something new. Of course, […]

DefendLineII. Soldering tips

DefendLineII PCB will be distributed in three kits: just a PCB, without any components, a pre-assembled PCB with just ATMega1280, FT232BL, DS1621, PCF8563, MicroSD connector, crystals, ISP10 header and a few resistors/capacitors soldered and fully assembled with all components soldered. If you decided to solder component by yourself then we hope you will find these […]

DefendLineII. Circuit Diagram

The heart of the unit is CPU ATMega1280 microprocessor running at 14.7456 MHz (Y3 crystal). This frequency provides required accuracy to clock serial communications at 57600/115200 bps between the unit and external devices such as PC, GPS module, GPRS modem, JPEG cameras etc. The ATMega1280 processor has four hardware serial ports facilitating simultaneous interactions with […]

DefendLineII. Overview

This article begins detail description of DefendLineII project and aims to simplify its assembling, setting up and further development by wide range of embedded controller designers and enthusiasts. First of all, traditional question, what is the purpose of designing a new hardware platform when there are a lot of things to choose from like Arduino, […]

DefendLineII project is in testing phase

DefendLineII main unit PCB

DefendLineII is the most advanced and multifunctional project of Magictale company so far. It was designed to be the second generation of DefendLine GSM alarm system allowing to break mobile phone dependency, aimed to minimise power consumption, increase overall system’s fault tolerance and remain fully functional in environments with […]