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DefendLineII & GSM Module in action

Here is a demonstration of DefendLineII project working together with GSM/GPS Module.

GPS/GSM Module. Software support

Module software support includes GSM module library and an example of its typical usage for ATMega microprocessor family written in C/C++. The logic of interaction with SIM900D modem is enclosed in SIM900Modem.c, SIM900Modem.h files and relies on enhanced version of HardwareSerial class originally designed for Arduino project. As SIM900Modem.c does not depend on AVR specific […]

GPS/GSM Module. PCB Component Layout

Components are soldered on both sides of the PCB. Only components that need to provide the required functionality should be soldered. Depending on your situation, some components such as CONN1, CONN2, CONN4, CONN5, L1 etc can be soldered on either side of the board. There is no strict sequence for soldering but U1 should be […]

GPS/GSM Module. List of Components

The minimum set of components for GSM functionality and external 3.4V 2A power supply is given below:

Image Position Manufacturer part number/Digikey part number Comments Unit price,USD Qty Extended price,USD CONN1 AWHW14G-0202-T-RHRP14H-ND CONN HEADER LOW-PRO 14POS GOLD 0.97 1 0.97 U1 Search on ebay.com,alibaba.com SIM900D GSM module 27 1 27 CONN4 CONSMA002CONSMA002-ND CONNECTOR FEMALE R/A […]

GPS/GSM Module. Circuit Diagram

The GSM part is based on SIM900D GSM module. SIM300DZ has the same pin layout and designation so it might be used as a replacement of SIM900D. Q1 transistor, R2, R3 and R4 resistors are used to drive LED1 ‘NET LIGHT’ which indicates module networking status. CONN4 is a SMT antenna connector. Q2 transistor and […]

GPS/GSM Module. Overview

This module is a cost effective and flexible solution providing your own microcontroller with wireless Internet connectivity, remote controlling via SMS and GPS functionality. As a GSM module either SIM900D or SIM300DZ might be used, some of the most affordable GSM modules currently on the market featuring embedded TCP/IP stack over AT commands so measurement […]

GPS/GSM Module from Magictale

Gps Gsm Module Top View

Gps Gsm Module Bottom View

GSM/GPS module is a compact, flexible and powerful solution allowing to add GPS functionality and/or Internet connectivity to your own device with minimum effort. The module is designed as one of a few interchangeable transport connectors for DefendLineII project but could […]