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DefendLineII. Soldering tips

DefendLineII PCB will be distributed in three kits: just a PCB, without any components, a pre-assembled PCB with just ATMega1280, FT232BL, DS1621, PCF8563, MicroSD connector, crystals, ISP10 header and a few resistors/capacitors soldered and fully assembled with all components soldered. If you decided to solder component by yourself then we hope you will find these […]

DefendLineII. Circuit Diagram

The heart of the unit is CPU ATMega1280 microprocessor running at 14.7456 MHz (Y3 crystal). This frequency provides required accuracy to clock serial communications at 57600/115200 bps between the unit and external devices such as PC, GPS module, GPRS modem, JPEG cameras etc. The ATMega1280 processor has four hardware serial ports facilitating simultaneous interactions with […]

LED Matrix Display in action

Here is a demonstration of LED Matrix Display project working together with DefendLine. It is worth noticing that a digital video camera makes the display visibly flickering due to slightly different LED display and camera sensor refresh rates.


DefendLineII. Overview

This article begins detail description of DefendLineII project and aims to simplify its assembling, setting up and further development by wide range of embedded controller designers and enthusiasts. First of all, traditional question, what is the purpose of designing a new hardware platform when there are a lot of things to choose from like Arduino, […]