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Grand Prize Winner
(Dec 2012)
Second Prize Winner
(July 2012)

Lumunardo in White Case and Blue Screen

Introducing a more stylish look of the enclosure made of white PLA material and translucent blue front and rear panels. It is very hard to find acrylic material other than transparent white with 2mm thickness so we had to modify the top and bottom shells to be able to fit 3mm thick panels.

Luminardo White Case Blue Screen

The introductory video demonstrates virtual assembling, Luminardo’s interfaces and features and then shows the process of initial set up:


1. Luminardo Alarm Clock Sketch (English messages), Rev.1.2 from 2016.11.07

2. Luminardo Case Top Shell 3D Model (for 3mm Acryl, 2mm extension for shrinkage compensation)

3. Luminardo Case Bottom Shell 3D Model (for 3mm Acryl)