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(Dec 2012)
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(July 2012)

Automated LED Color Recognition

The problem of automated LED color detection seems relatively easy to solve. However, the devil is in details and when it comes to practice, there is always something which goes not as expected and our practical implementation was not an exception as we encountered multiple challenges. Nevertheless, there are some ways to overcome those challenges. […]

Mastech HY5003 Bench Power Supply 110V AC – Rewiring To 220V AC

Mastech HY5003 Bench Power Supply is a good choice for a home lab. It is inexpensive, noiseless, not very space demanding, easy to use. Features include 50VDC@3A, 150W, constant voltage/constant current/restricted current modes, fine and coarse voltage and current adjustment. Just enough for most cases of amateur electronics designer activities. And if you are lucky […]