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A Man and His Dream to Fly

This is the man whom I met in North Sydney last year. He turned out to be an entrepreneur, a test pilot, an owner of an advertising agency on Miller Str. and God knows who else. I designed for him a a pilot display for his turbofan power jet: http://magictale.com/category/pilot-display-4-turbine/ and at that time was rather skeptical listening his a bit crazy descriptions of the project while sitting in a small cafe in North Sydney.

Pilot Display Fully Assembled

Pilot Display Fully Assembled

The man was violating all the rules during the process: primitive design requirements which kept changing up to the stage of hardware prototyping, loosely coordinated team, all deadlines were ‘yesterday’ or at least ‘ASAP’. I was never a true member of his distributed team and worked in isolation so the total effectiveness of the whole design process should’ve been very poor yet, this is what happened one year later:


The man is on front pages of the US newspapers. His newly established company skyrocketed from non-existence to where it is now. Everybody immediately understood why this product is needed and how to use it, thanks to the ‘Iron man’ movie. This is the power of The Dream and importance the right technology at the right time.


The relevant video is given below: