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Grand Prize Winner
(Dec 2012)
Second Prize Winner
(July 2012)


12 – BlueButton Project
1. BlueButton Gerber files Rev1.02. BlueButton Eagle files Rev1.0

3. BlueButton PCBA SketchUp 3D Model Rev1.0

4. BlueButton Component 3D Models

5. BlueButton BOM (Bill Of Materials)

6. BlueButton Enclosure 3D Model Rev1.0

11 – VFD PSU Experiment 1 Project
1. VFD_PSU_EXP01 Gerber files Rev1.0

2. VFD_PSU_EXP01 Eagle files Rev1.0

3. VFD_PSU_EXP01 PCBA SketchUp 3D Model Rev1.0

4. VFD_PSU_EXP01 Component 3D Models

5. VFD_PSU_EXP01 BOM (Bill Of Materials)

10 – Pilot LED Display Project
1. Pilot Display Gerber files Rev1.0

2. Pilot Display Eagle files Rev1.0

3. Pilot Display SketchUp 3D Model Rev1.0

4. Pilot Display Component 3D Models

5. Pilot Display BOM (Bill Of Materials)

6. Turbine ECU communication protocol V2.14-Vx.35 by AMT Netherlands

7. Pilot Display Bootloader Rev.1.0

8. Pilot Display Production Firmware (Arduino Sketch) Rev.1.0

9 – Vodafone K4606 3G HSDPA USB Modem Hack
1. VodafoneUSBModem Libarary with K4606 support;
8 – Luminardo Project
1. Luminardo_OBDII_BT_SSD1306_2015_04_29.zip Luminardo OBDII sketch with customised SSD1306 OLED library;

2. USB_Host_Shield_2_SPP_Client_Support_2015_05_05.zip Customised USB Host 2.0 library with SPP client support;

3. Github repository with Luminardo core for Arduino environment;

4. Adafruit_Luminardo_SSD1306_2015_04_06.zip – supports multiple fonts;

5. Adafruit_Luminardo_SSD1306_Blink_2015_04_08.zip – supports multiple fonts and blinking but uses 2Kb for primary and secondary frame buffers rather than just 1K for a single buffer;

6. VFD Filter 3D Model in Sketchup;

7. A snapshot of Luminardo core files for Arduino IDE;

8. A snapshot of library for MVFD Panel 16S8D;

9. A snapshot of USB Host 2.0 library tweaked for Luminardo;

10. Luminardo Bluetooth Remote Control sketch;

11. Luminardo Bluetooth Control Android App.

12. Case for Luminardo in SketchUp, experiment “1”

13. Case for Luminardo in SketchUp, experiment “2”

14. USB Host 2.0 For Arduino – Bluetooth SPPi addon;

15. UPDATE 2014.09.28: Full snapshot of USB Host 2.0 For Arduino with Bluetooth SPPi addon;

16. USB Host 2.0 Add-on Allowing to Initiate Communication with SDP service.

17. USB Host 2.0 Changes Allowing to Initiate Pairing with any Device.

18. Luminardo Gerber files Rev1.0

19. Luminardo Eagle files Rev1.0

20. Luminardo SketchUp 3D Model Rev1.0

21. Luminardo Component 3D Models

22. Luminardo BOM (Bill Of Materials)

7 – VFD Serial Backpack Project
1. MVFD 16S8D Serial Backpack Gerber files Rev1.0

2. MVFD 16S8D Serial Backpack Eagle files Rev1.0

3. MVFD 16S8D Serial Backpack SketchUp 3D Model Rev1.0

4. MVFD 16S8D Serial Backpack 3D Models

6 – MVFD Panel 16S8D Project
1. MVFDPanel 16S8D SketchUp 3D Model Rev1.0

2. MVFDPanel 16S8D SketchUp 3D Footprint Models

3. MVFDPanel 16S8D Eagle files Rev1.0

4. MVFDPanel 16S8D Gerber files Rev1.0

5 – VFD MagiClock Project
1. VFD MagiClock Enclosure Drawings Rev1.0

2. VFD MagiClock binaries and source code for AVR Rev1.0

3. Magictale VFD Demo lib and example for AVR Rev1.0

4 – GPS/GSM Module Project
1. Magictale GPS/GSM Module AVR Lib Rev1.1

2. Magictale GPS/GSM Gerber Files Rev1.1

3. Magictale GPS/GSM Schematic Diagram Rev1.1

3 – LED Dot Matrix Display Project
1. LED Dot Matrix Display User Guide Rev1.0
2 – DefendLine II Project
1. DefendLineII Schematic Diagram Rev1.0
2. DefendLineII User Guide Rev1.0
1 – DefendLine Project
1. DefendLine User Guide Rev1.0