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LED Matrix Display in action

Here is a demonstration of LED Matrix Display project working together with DefendLine. It is worth noticing that a digital video camera makes the display visibly flickering due to slightly different LED display and camera sensor refresh rates.


DefendLine system in action

Needless to say that words are redundant in this particular case. 🙂 This video speaks to you itself by showing DefendLine system in action.

Buy DefendLine Kit

DefendLine Kit

DefendLine Kit is a fully assembled and ready to use PCB, it is an excellent solution for anyone from beginners to experienced hobbists, the device can be considered as an inexpensive GSM alarm with potential of sending pictures of a guarded site (the latter option is available for certain mobile phones […]

First factory manufactured PCB has been assembled

DefendLine assembled main board

At last all necessary parts arrived and the home made device reincarnated into a neat assembly based on factory manufactured PCB. The microprocessor has been flashed by means of USBTiny programmer via ISP connector and the system has been successfully tested – no functional problems.

For more information about […]

First PCBs have arrived!

DefendLine PCBs

At last first three DefendLine PCBs have been manufactured and delivered. Anxiously awaiting for components to be delivered as well to begin soldering. Meantime, if it is topical for you, please express your interest in PCB by writing a message to the admin.

For more information about this project please follow […]