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A Luminardo Board Revamp: Revision 2.1

This is a second spin of Luminardo boards with the focus on elimination minor mistakes found in the revision 1.0. A motion sensor is fully integrated with the PCB this is why the board has an inflow on top of its outline. Also an obsolete inductor is replaced with the one of a similar footprint […]

A 16S8D VFD Panel Revamp: Revision 2.0

This is a deep redesign of MVFD 16S8D Panel Rev.1.0 project which fixes minor and major issues and finally solves the fundamental problem of some parts becoming obsolete. Let’s reiterate the reasons which were the main driving forces of the project to come into existence:

– Single power source (+5V) which makes it possible to […]

Pilot Display for… a Twin Turbine Engine!

Just recently by a pure accident we became involved into very unusual project. Willing to become known to some degree amongst the local Sydney electronics enthusiasts we decided to take part in one of the community projects and help to build something. It didn’t take much time to wait for someone who posted a request […]

GPS/GSM Module. Circuit Diagram

The GSM part is based on SIM900D GSM module. SIM300DZ has the same pin layout and designation so it might be used as a replacement of SIM900D. Q1 transistor, R2, R3 and R4 resistors are used to drive LED1 ‘NET LIGHT’ which indicates module networking status. CONN4 is a SMT antenna connector. Q2 transistor and […]

DefendLineII. Circuit Diagram

The heart of the unit is CPU ATMega1280 microprocessor running at 14.7456 MHz (Y3 crystal). This frequency provides required accuracy to clock serial communications at 57600/115200 bps between the unit and external devices such as PC, GPS module, GPRS modem, JPEG cameras etc. The ATMega1280 processor has four hardware serial ports facilitating simultaneous interactions with […]