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Grand Prize Winner
(Dec 2012)
Second Prize Winner
(July 2012)


Magictale Electronics is established and maintained by a small group of professionals who have a strong passion for electronics. A subject of our focus is original and innovative yet simple embedded solutions. With a particular emphasis on low and ultralow power consumption, compact dimensions and maximum compatibility between modules we have a strong aspiration to make things serve longer, be easier with repair and upgrade, greener and more environmental friendly. Our aim is to let people know how much can be done in a home lab without overexpensive equipment and top grade skills. And having tried to build something by yourself you will never forget that great feeling of satisfaction.

If you have an idea but don’t have expertise in electronics/firmware or software design we would be happy to do the job for you. Our company is located in Australia, Sydney and an average rate is 75 AUD per hour per one engineer. Contact us by sending email to info at magictale.com and we will be happy to assist you.

Thank you,
Magictale team

Anna is a tireless generator of new ideas, an inspirer, a reviewer, a tester and a company’s evangelist. She has a degree in physics.
Dmitry, electronics engineer with extensive software development experience, has a passion in electronics since his childhood.