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LED Matrix Display in action

Here is a demonstration of LED Matrix Display project working together with DefendLine. It is worth noticing that a digital video camera makes the display visibly flickering due to slightly different LED display and camera sensor refresh rates.


Buy PCBs For Multipurpose LED Display Kit

Multipurpose LED Display PCBs

These are just the PCBs for Multipurpose LED Display Kit, no other parts are included! You must supply the rest of the components to build it.

To get more comprehensive information download LED Display User Guide

$20 USD for item plus $8 USD for flat shipping


Buy Multipurpose LED Display Kit

Multipurpose LED Display KIT

Multipurpose LED Display Kit is designed as elegant and simple addition to microcontroller projects. In comparison with conventional LCD displays which have already over flooded the global market it has significantly bigger symbols brightly glowing in dark areas and distinctly visible from a distance of a few meters. At […]

PCBs for Display Module have arrived

New PCBs for multipurpose dot matrix display module have been delivered. Each module comprises of two PCBs joined together by a connector and allowing to minimise vertical dimension virtually to a LED matrix height and giving flexibility to change display color simply by replacing the LED panel.

This time a different PCB manufacturer has been […]