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Electronic OBDII Gauge on Luminardo

Let’s make something more complex using Luminardo, a Bluetooth dongle, a OBDII translator ELM327 and a 128×64 pixels graphical monochrome OLED display SSD1306. The plan would be to utilise USB host functionality to communicate to ELM327 via SPP interface and represent such parameters as engine RPM, vehicle speed, battery voltage, remaining fuel on a display. […]

Toyota Camry: Fixing Sagging Roof & Fitting Car Cameras

As the headlining in our Toyota Camry 1998 was deteriorating we decided to do something about it. But instead of rushing to the nearest auto upholstery/motor trimmers we tempted to do it ourselves. What does it have to do with electronics, an attentive reader would ask. Well, if we were going to deal with roof […]