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VFD MagiClock

VFD MagicClock

VFD MagiClock is an open source/open hardware project of a remotely controlled Arduino(Freeduino) based clock/thermometer utilising power supply and VFD panel from broken DVD player in a custom made acrylic enclosure.

Main unit features:

  • Real time clock battery backed up dedicated chip;
  • 1Wire temperature sensor;
  • Controlled wirelessly by any RC;
  • Activated by PIR motion sensor;
  • Speaker;
  • Serial-to-USB convertor for reprogramming and logging purposes;
  • Acrylic enclosure;
  • Full source code is available;

VFD MagiClock blog articles:

A DVD Player Hack;
VFD Driver Demo;
VFD Panel: Building Clock + Thermometer;
VFD MagiClock Laser Cut Enclosure;
VFD MagiClock Final Assembling;