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Speccy2010 – Assembling, Testing, Having Fun

There are not so many people on Earth who haven’t heard anything about sir Clive Sinclair and his legendary ZX-Spectrum. His compact and affordable personal computer was just perfect not only for gaming but for educational activities, it found its place as a favorite gadget for millions boys and girls. This computer has shaped the […]

DefendLineII. Soldering tips

DefendLineII PCB will be distributed in three kits: just a PCB, without any components, a pre-assembled PCB with just ATMega1280, FT232BL, DS1621, PCF8563, MicroSD connector, crystals, ISP10 header and a few resistors/capacitors soldered and fully assembled with all components soldered. If you decided to solder component by yourself then we hope you will find these […]