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A Luminardo Board Revamp: Revision 2.1

This is a second spin of Luminardo boards with the focus on elimination minor mistakes found in the revision 1.0. A motion sensor is fully integrated with the PCB this is why the board has an inflow on top of its outline. Also an obsolete inductor is replaced with the one of a similar footprint and bill of materials has been optimised in terms of component cost. But let’s take a step back and answer the question: what Luminardo is, why it was designed and what it can be used for? In short, Luminardo is an Arduino compatible ATMega128 powered board with MVFD panel 16S8D interface, USB Host, battery backed up RTC, motion and temperature sensors. A front panel adds a buzzer, a light sensor, an RGB LED and an IR receiver. It has compact sizes, also it is expandable and stackable like Arduino. But unlike Arduino it grows in length, not in height when extra boards are stacked inbetween the front panel and the main board. The slim form factor makes it look nice and unusual and (hopefully) modern. The first immediate idea would be to use it as typical Nixie clock out of nostalgic reasons only. But it can do more than just that. With replaceable front panels, with its expandability and with USB host functionality the application areas widens significantly. It can be a part of a home automation network, or used to control a toy city. Yet it is simple enough to be built by a DIY enthusiast.

The circuit diagram is given below. Not too many changes if compare with the revision 1.0:


The PCB layout component layout is given below. Hardly noticeable changes if not to take into account an integrated motion sensor and a reset switch.

Luminardo Component Layout Rev. 2.1

Luminardo Component Layout Rev. 2.1

The PCB layout is given below. As usual, it utilises 2 layers to take advantage of good PCB manufacturer deals like Itead Studio. The design is also tailored to a specific Itead prototyping offer which is 100x50mm and comes at $25 for 10 color boards without shipment (or even $14.90 for green boards!)

Luminardo PCB Layout Ver.2.1

Luminardo PCB Layout Ver.2.1

The 3D model of the whole assembly is available at 3D Warehouse so it becomes really easy to design extension boards or enclosures.

The top view of the 3D model is given below. In essence, no changes on this side.

Luminardo V 2.1 PCBA 3D Model Top View

Luminardo V 2.1 PCBA 3D Model Top View

The bottom view of the 3D model is given below. Distinctly visible the motion sensor, the reset switch, the electrolytic capacitors and the raised 14-pin VFD header which is a custom made of two stackable Arduino headers.

Luminardo V 2.1 PCBA 3D Model Bottom View

Luminardo V 2.1 PCBA 3D Model Bottom View

The video below shows how Luminardo and MVFD panel integrate together:


1. Luminardo Gerber files Rev 2.1

2. Luminardo Eagle files Rev 2.1

3. Luminardo PCBA SketchUp 3D Model Rev 2.1

4. Luminardo Panel Component 3D Models Rev 2.1

5. Luminardo BOM (Bill Of Materials) Rev 2.1

6. Luminardo and MVFD Panel PCBAs Assembled SketchUp 3D Model

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