The BlueButton – Assembling & Testing First Prototype

The PCBs eventually arrived, however, this time it was somewhat disappointing: instead of usual two weeks the manufacturing process along with the shipment took almost four weeks. The quality seems to be fine and no ‘gotchas’ have been found so far so hopefully soldering will go smoothly.

This is how the PCBs look like:


Pilot Display PCBs arrived

Pilot Display Rev.1.0 PCBs finally arrived. At a first glance nothing is terribly wrong, everything seems to be fine which is a good start. However, there is always something in rev1.0 boards or schematics so will see what the subsequent assembling process and preliminary test bring us. As always, Itead Studio PCB manufacturing service has […]

Luminardo PCBs arrived

Luminardo Rev.1.0 PCBs finally arrived so we will be busy this Christmas soldering and debugging. Nothing terribly wrong at this point in time, everything seems to be free from design flows and fabrication faults. The only issue that has been noticed so far is that the manufacturing house for some reasons yet unknown failed to […]