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LED Matrix Display

Multipurpose LED Display Kit is designed as elegant and simple addition to microcontroller projects. In comparison with conventional LCD displays which have already over flooded the global market it has significantly bigger symbols brightly glowing in dark areas and distinctly visible from a distance of a few meters. At the same time, unlike 7-segment LED displays, this solution is capable of displaying not only digits but chain of characters. What it remarkable, the message length is not limited by the display width due to scrolling effect which is implemented in software. All these features will give your project new, unusual look and may make wider its application range.

The display is fully supported by DefendLine project but could find its application in any AVR/PIC based project;

To get more comprehensive information download LED Display User Guide


  • Six LED matrixes 5×7 dots, 36×7 dots in total driven by 9 signal lines (7×2 header includes GND and +5V power lines as well);
  • Compact form factor, the assembly is split into two PCBs allowing to have vertical dimension virtually as low as the height of a LED matrix;
  • LED panel itself comprises of LED matrixes and a connector only allowing to have interchangeable panels of different LED colors;
  • Included sample AVR Assemlber source code contains definitions of first standard 127 symbols of ASCII table, subroutines for display refreshing, clearing, printing out a character/line, access on pixel level, smooth horizontal message scrolling. C-based sample code will be released soon as well;
  • Easy to assemble, excellent kit for self education;
  • Could be used in any AVR/PIC-based project for displaying alphabetical information or simple graphics and has a potential to give stylish and unusual look to your device;

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