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Have you ever thought of employing your old mobile phone to guard a home, garage or just shed with precious stuff? If the answer is no why not consider an idea of giving a new life to your senescent phone instead of selling or even dumping it after buying an ultramodern model? The plan is to use phone’s GSM channel and TCP stack as a transport layer for incoming SMS commands and outgoing data notifying about events at a remote side. These events might be toggling states of PIR sensors, reaching predefined temperature threshold, low battery level and so on. If a mobile phone has a camera it makes the whole system even more interesting allowing to get a photo remotely by either sensor event or manually sent command. With a tactics to upload pictures to remote server as soon as event occurs it increases the chances to receive precious visual information even if the system presence has been disclosed by trespassers. Overall system’s simplicity and open source code makes it quite flexible for diversity of different applications and customer needs. And finally, it is a great launchpad to a subset of new, more complex devices based on the example.

DefendLine GSM-based security system capabale of sending pictures

If you wish to have a closer look at system’s capabilities then refer to DefendLine documentation.

To get comprehensive information about this project just follow the link: DefendLine project