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A Man and His Dream to Fly

This is the man whom I met in North Sydney last year. He turned out to be an entrepreneur, a test pilot, an owner of an advertising agency on Miller Str. and God knows who else. I designed for him a a pilot display for his turbofan power jet: http://magictale.com/category/pilot-display-4-turbine/ and at that time was […]

Firmware for Pilot Display

The firmware of Pilot Display unit comprises of two parts: bootloader and main application. Bootloader simplifies the process of main application upgrade – once the bootloader is programmed, there is no need in external programmers to do firmware upgrades. Source code of the main application is designed as a sketch for very popular Arduino platform […]

Pilot Display for… a Twin Turbine Engine!

Just recently by a pure accident we became involved into very unusual project. Willing to become known to some degree amongst the local Sydney electronics enthusiasts we decided to take part in one of the community projects and help to build something. It didn’t take much time to wait for someone who posted a request […]