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Arducam Rev.C – First Encounter

This article was prepared back in October 2013 but remained unpublished all these months. At first, when we got Arducam Rev.C in possession its rich set of features and performance inspired us greatly. However, just within a few days the interested moved on, became dim and then quickly faded away. It simply turned out that […]

Spark IO – First Encounter

Searching for a compact, flexible and cost effective WiFi solution for our new project we came across Spark IO This tiny board met all our requirements and looked ideal for our application, however, it was ‘out of stock’ in many if not all online electronic stores. Best we could do was to ‘express interest’ which […]

Beware: uCAM-TTL from 4DSystems

If you decide to buy a uCAM JPEG module from Australian company 4d Systems then be extra careful because you may end up with faulty module without any chance to get your money back. The trick is simple: you buy, let’s say, two modules from them. In a couple of weeks your shipment arrives undamaged […]