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Hacking Vodafone K4606 3G HSDPA USB Modem

The prospect of having high speed communication channel between an embedded project and outer world is very tempting. The challenge can be addressed by using a WiFi module in those areas with WiFi coverage being available but what if it is not an option? Then there is no other choice but GSM (also referred as […]

Quiz System DIY Arduino Project for a Budget Price

This time our task was to build a Quiz System (also known as ‘Quiz Buzzer’ or ‘Quiz Show’). The real challenge was in meeting two major requirements: being really inexpensive and looking attractive and ‘factory-made’ at the same time as the project was intended for use in elementary school. To our surprise, it became almost […]

Mastech HY5003 Bench Power Supply 110V AC – Rewiring To 220V AC

Mastech HY5003 Bench Power Supply is a good choice for a home lab. It is inexpensive, noiseless, not very space demanding, easy to use. Features include 50VDC@3A, 150W, constant voltage/constant current/restricted current modes, fine and coarse voltage and current adjustment. Just enough for most cases of amateur electronics designer activities. And if you are lucky […]